It is comforting to know that I am not fighting this Battle of the Bulge alone. In a recent and very unscientific Facebook survey a friend polled her community by asking, “Eating more or eating less because of the ‘situation’?” The answers varied, but most came to the conclusion that war is bad for your waistline.

Rachel Weinstein in her Times of Israel blog post titled, "Does This War Make Me Look Fat?"

This is Israel, folks.

They’re killing innocent civilians by the thousands (many of whom are children), and yet these people are so comfortable — comfortable in their living conditions, comfortable in their nationalistic superiority, and comfortable in the righteousness of their religious ideology — that what they’re worried about is how “the situation” is causing them to put on a little extra weight from all the binge eating.

The Palestinian people are being starved out and slaughtered in what amounts to a genocide in Gaza, but this bitch’s problem is that she just can’t put down her bag of M&Ms. What a callous, thoughtless monster.

Marie Antoinette may never have actually uttered the phrase, “Let them eat cake,” but this blog post is very real, and if you’ve ever wanted a living, breathing example of the banality of evil, here it is.

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